What is the “On the Hook™” Movement?

The On the Hook™ Movement is a global support system and community that makes accountability to your dream a team sport… because if you don’t do what you’re here to do, we ALL lose. Let’s help each other win…

Have you ever let yourself off the hook from reaching the goal you so desperately wanted to achieve? From becoming the person you know you’re here to be? From contributing to your family, your inner circle, the world, in the way you know you’re meant to?

What’s stopped you?

Lack of support?
Not good enough?

What has it cost you? What has it cost others?

What if instead, you were more committed to taking action on your mission than your excuses? If you were more open to risk and being vulnerable than keeping your true gifts hidden any longer?  How would your life be different if you were more willing to dig in and dig deep and demand more from and for yourself because you know in every cell of your being that you have the power to move mountains and break barriers to get where you want to go and bring others with you?  What if you had a massive, loving, awesome support system to do so?

Now you do.


  • CELEBRATE you, your courage to claim out loud what you put yourself “On the Hook” to do, and your wins along the way however big or small
  • PROVIDE tools and coaching to set you up for the most success possible
  • ENCOURAGE you to observe without judgment what’s working and what’s not and use that to inform your next steps
  • SUPPORT you to change your goal to meet your goal if need be – flexibility is key
  • GIVE you unconditional love and support you need to stay “On the Hook”
  • REMIND you that you are enough so you don’t forget

When everyone focuses on bringing their mission to life – no matter what it is, big or small – and supports each other in doing the same, we generate  more peace, more happiness, and more freedom.  How would you like to reside on that planet?

It begins with you.

Join our On the Hook™ Movement Facebook Group  and the On the Hook™ 2015 Challenge to make this year your best yet with support starting right now!

Let’s do this.