“Every time I talk to Stef I feel energized. She helps me get clear, create strategies and go full force for what I want to create next in my grand plan. As a result, I’m a better person. A more present father. A communicative husband. And a successful businessman. I am thankful for Stef and the work we do together.”
Mario Lopez, host, actor

“Stefanie is a blessing! Her nurturing style, probing questions, insightful comments, and sense of humor all come together and form a fabulous being. I cannot say enough about her and how she has helped me…”
Chavonna, Educator + Yoga Instructor

“Working with Stefanie has been eye-opening and illuminating. She is extraordinarily talented at listening, distilling your challenges down to their essence, and equipping you with tools and habits to reach your potential…”
D. R., Attorney

“In all honesty, my nine months of coaching with Stefanie changed my life. My career, my marriage, my parenting and my relationships with my friends and family were all positively affected…”
Julie, Executive Producer for TV

“My life had not been moving forward the way I wanted it to and I was tired of hearing myself come up with the same old excuses. I knew my main obstacles were my own creation, but I also knew I needed someone to shake things up for me; someone who could help me re-assess and re-commit to my short and long-term goals; someone who could help me approach success in a new way. That’s when I met Stef. After our first meeting I knew she was the right person to help me. In our first session, Stefanie cut to heart of everything – shining an incredibly powerful and positive light of inquiry, insight, and action into all aspects of my life. Almost immediately I was approaching things differently, and in the most energizing and self-believing way. Already I’ve achieved profound change. Our continued work together brings me closer to what matters most both inside and outside myself”
Jennifer, Director

“Working with Stefanie helped moved me forward faster than my (expensive) therapy with equal depth and unique discovery.”
– Debbie, producer & consultant

“My first session with Stefanie was more helpful to me than any therapy session I’ve ever had. We quickly identified one of the core issues standing in the way of my success and worked to resolve it…”
Jackie, writer

“I admit I was a bit of a skeptic of life coaching at first, until I started working with Stef, who drew me out and made me look at what exactly was holding me back, creatively and personally. And for the first time, I was able to transform my long-held self-made limits and really move forward. Astounding! I emerge from every session with her filled with amazement… and profound gratitude.”
Julie, writer

“Working with Stefanie has been great for me! After years of on and off therapy, I feel I have found an approach that actually changes my life in a way that makes sense and works for me. I have been receiving coaching from Stefanie for a short period of time, and I have been able to make the changes I’ve always wanted to make in my life, and begin manifesting the dreams I’ve always dreamt.”
Julia, Export Director, Italian Winery

“I have always viewed myself as an inspired, self-motivated and driven individual who successfully moved up the corporate ladder. However, I was often disappointed by the outcome of each career transition, which lacked a sense of value I craved. This is where Stefanie stepped in and played an instrumental role in my refocusing my lens. I had the opportunity to rediscover and claim who I really am, what drives me and how to apply my talents in life. Ultimately, Stefanie helped me understand the “value” I craved was acknowledging my need to live authentically and focus on connections, both personally and professionally, that embrace my core strengths and values. It’s still a work in progress, but I am getting far more comfortable with thinking bigger for myself.”
Michelle, Marketing Consultant and Children’s Author In the Making

“In a field that frequently substitutes formula for real skill, Stefanie’s work is different. With clarity and insight she managed multiple levels of comfort and boundaries and got the best from all participants. She exuded a personable and authentic attitude that made it easy to share.”
– D. L.

“Powerful, moving, impactful.”
A. G., Life Coach

“Working with Stefanie was a completely transformative experience for me. It helped me to be more conscious in my life and taught me the value and importance of intention. We attract what we want. We might as well be specific and dream big. My life did a 180 after I worked with Stefanie. She really freed me up to seeing the magic all around us.”
Kimberlee, former breaking news producer turned published author

“Highly creative, yet infinitely practical, working with Stefanie will help you focus your energy to realize your most profound aspirations.”
Kelly, Consultant

“Even if you walk in a skeptic, you’ll leave a believer… in yourself, your dreams, your abilities, your power to let go of the bad and step boldly into the good. And that’s all because of Stefanie.”
– Jackie, writer

“Stefanie creates an environment that allowed my true self to shine through, so I could let go of whatever had been holding me back and embrace the future I truly want and deserve.”
Leslie, quit her job, began a freelance career and found balance

“Stefanie is positive, energetic, insightful, supportive, spiritually-connected yet down-to-earth, fun and funny. Working with her is the best thing I can think of doing.”
Sherri, novelist

“Stefanie helped me to define my core values and remember what is important to me. I feel encouraged to live within my integrity and make decisions without fear. With all of these powerful tools, I now have a fast track to securing my own happiness.”
Cricket, video director and writer

“Even ambitious, driven people need help identifying and tweaking goals. Stefanie helped me to dig deep and look forward. I feel inspired and excited I have a game plan for my personal and professional life.”
– Stephanie, writer and producer

“If you feel that your hopes and dreams are vague, working with Stefanie will help you to discover them. If you know what your hopes and dreams are but you don’t know how to make them a reality, this will help you figure out how to get where you want to be, and to feel empowered along the way.”
Suzan, author

“Scary (in a good way), unlimiting, life-changing, boundary-defying… Stefanie has a way of gently getting to the heart of the matter and promoting a positive thought process in order to create the life you seek. Stefanie is a very giving coach who instills trust immediately. I would recommend working with her to anyone who is feeling stuck and/or needs to clear a path in his/her life.”
Colleen, happy, working, prosperous actor

“I walked away from my work with Stefanie feeling clear, inspired, and supported as I prepared to take my first big step toward true happiness. Stefanie’s humor is invigorating, her intuition is spot on, and her passion for helping others is palpable!”
Erika, Founder of FIND More Movement

“Stefanie will help you open the door to the possibilities for yourself. She will help you not just think about it, but be about it.”
S. A., Left her “Mommy guilt” at the door

“Stef is a rare jewel. She is able to masterfully use humor to address very deep personal issues. The four steps she’s created – resist, allow, release, what now – are a brilliant way to connect the everyday person to the present moment and allow them to move through the world empowered and inspired to be their greatest self.”
Will, Songwriter/Singer and Juilliard Trained Actor

“From the moment I met Stefanie and heard her life’s story, I knew that I wanted to work with her. I’ve been immersed in this type of personal work for over a decade, but what sets Stefanie apart for me, is that she has manifested her life’s vision on a very high level in every field she’s stepped into and in just the short time I’ve been meeting with her I’ve experienced tremendous leaps forward: from dreaming to doing.”
– Stacey, actress and writer