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Who’s Sitting at the Head of Your Table?


STEP 1:  Who’s sitting at the head of your table?

We each have many different parts inside of us including fear, the judge, the martyr, love, confidence, and more.  If you think about all of those parts as little kids sitting around a giant dining room table, the question to ask before you go on a date, an interview or even begin the process of writing down your goals is, “Who is sitting at the the head of your table?”  Or said another way, “Who is running your show?”  If the drill sergeant in you is creating the goals, it’s likely they will be unattainable and set you up to fail.  If fear is heading into the meeting, you may not be able to express yourself eloquently.  When insecurity is on the date, you may shut down completely.  The opportunity here is to invite the healthy adult in you who wants to set you up to succeed, to sit at the head of the table to take on this task.  When you do, you will shift an unconscious pattern that has stopped you from achieving your goals in the past.

STEP 2:  Start at the end

Think about the result you want 1 year from now and work backwards.  For instance, “I am joyfully attending my family reunion 25 pounds lighter.”  Or “I Am successfully launching my new business.”  Or “I am happily working in my dream job making $150,000 or more per year.”  Whatever it is, make it clear and measurable.  Once you have that goal written out, work backwards.  If that’s the goal in 1 year, what results have to happen 9 months from now, 6 months from now, 3 months from now, 1 month from now?  It’s important to make those monthly results specific as well so you know the marks you’re looking to hit leading up to the 1 year goal.

STEP 3:  Find your why

Most people quit working towards their goals because they either forgot or never figured out why they started.  You must find your why – that deeper reason for wanting to achieve this goal.  Why do you want to run a marathon, lose weight, change jobs? What is that going to provide for you and others when you achieve it?  It must be a reason that gets you up in the morning, that inspires you and keeps accountable, otherwise it is sure to fall into the goal graveyard where so many unrealized results end up.  So think about it, and whatever it is, put this in the plan and refer to it often – especially when you feel like quitting… which you will.

STEP 4:  Keep it bite size

Now that you have your healthy adult at the head of your table, your plan, and your why, it’s time to work week to week.  Commit to bite size action steps based on your monthly goals.  You don’t have to do this all at once.  Trust that you are right on schedule and know that consistency is key.  One, baby step at a time.

STEP 5:  Keep yourself accountable

When you tell another person what you are committed to accomplishing, suddenly the stakes raise and it’s time to hold yourself accountable.  If you don’t share your goals out loud with another person, then it’s too easy to let yourself “off the hook”.  We’ve all done it.  So set yourself up for success. Reach out. And know you are not alone.

How to Stop Comparing & Despairing

In the land of social media, peer pressure and self-judgment is ever present.  When you compare your life, your relationships, your career, your success to everyone else’s it’s understandable how that can lead to despair.

The problem is that if you focus on everyone else, then you are withholding your talent, your product, your book, your love – whatever it is – from the rest of us and that is the real detriment.

It’s imperative that you catch yourself when you are comparing and despairing and turn it around.  We need you to show up and share your gifts.  Shutting down and tuning out is not an option.  You are too valuable.  In the comments below, please share what you have been hiding and what you are ready and willing to bring to life as you let go of comparing and despairing.

You are enough!

Permission to Dream

The thing that’s astounding to me is just how many people do not give themselves permission to dream. The rat race, trying to stay afloat, and moving through life on auto-pilot has taken over a large part of our society. People feel like they don’t have the option to get off the train they’re currently on to head in a direction they WANT to go… or dare I say, DREAM they could go. I meet people every day whose default response to anything having to do with their future is “I don’t know.”

“I don’t know what I want to do when I grow up.”
“I don’t know what makes me happy.”
“I don’t know why I’m here.”

Can you relate?

I want to challenge you to dream again. I want to let you know that the kid inside of you whose been locked up and silenced for too long is ready to be heard and seen again. And I know that deep down – or maybe right at the surface – you’re ready to release, reconnect and rejoice with that part of you. We are ready for you to…

In the comments below, I want you to CLAIM…

1. What is a day in your awesome life 10 years from now?
2. What is 1 thing you will commit to do today to put that dream into motion?
3. How will you put yourself On the Hook – hold yourself accountable – to make this happen and by when?

The On the Hook™ 2015 Challenge Is On!

What would 2015 look like for you if you set yourself up for success, honored your word + got your results. And what if you didn’t have to do it alone?  What if you had an accountability team cheering you on and loving you up every step of the way?

Well, now you do!

Join thousands of people who have already put themselves On the Hook to make 2015 the year you finally say what you mean and do what you say.  The year you finally follow through on all that you want to achieve and actually value yourself enough to do so.  And the year you get the support you need and support others in doing the same.


  1. Join The On the Hook™ Movement Facebook Group
  2. Make and post a video on The On the Hook™ Movement Facebook Group claiming out loud 1 – 3 specific and measurable goals you want to bring to life in 2015.
  3. Call forth + tag 3 people to also make and post their The On the Hook™ 2015 Challenge video on the The On the Hook™ Movement Facebook Group.
  4. Write out a day in your awesome life 1 year from now.  What’s happening?  Who are you with?  What did you create – complete – accomplish in 2015?  Write it out with feeling in the present tense as if it’s already done.
  5. Map out your monthly results you need to meet in order to achieve your 1 year goal.  Start at the end and work backwards – write out what results you’d need to accomplish 9 months from now, 6 months, 3 months, 1 month.
  6. Create an action plan you will commit to weekly that will set you up for the most success possible as you keep yourself On the Hook and make your results a reality in 2015!
  7. Talk to us on the FB page – engage, let us know how you’re doing, what you need.  We are here for you!

To help you define all of this for yourself, check this out:

IMG_4154To dive deeper into what you want to bring to life this year and get even more support, apply today for the upcoming, life-changing On the Hook™ 3 Month Group Coaching Program. Space is limited.



The 2014 On the Hook™ End of the Year Rally


Here’s the deal… it is vital to the rest of us that YOU put yourself ON THE HOOK – the opposite of letting yourself “off the hook” – to bring your dreams to life.  If you don’t, we lose, so let’s start getting you the support you need now with The Great 2014 On the Hook™ End of the Year Rally!

Here’s how it works:

1.  Go to the On the Hook™ Movement Group Facebook page and request to be added.  A current member or I will happily invite you in!

2.  Make a short video CLAIMING 1 or more attainable goals you are putting yourself ON THE HOOK to realistically complete by December 31, 2014 or sooner.  AND in the video also CALL FORTH 3 PEOPLE to put themselves ON THE HOOK to complete a goal of theirs on or before the end of 2014!

3.  POST THE VIDEO to the On the Hook™ Movement Group Facebook page.  Make sure you invite those people you called forth into the On the Hook™ Movement Facebook Group and TAG them in your video.  This way we can all support each other in one place.

4.  Those 3 people you called forth REPEAT THESE STEPS ABOVE, expanding this thing and ultimately creating the On the Hook™ Movement global buddy system where we make accountability to your dream a team sport!  The more people we have the more support you have.

5.  Post this image below on your social media pages, proudly letting everyone know that you just put yourself “On the Hook” and invite them to do the same… feel free to share the video telling people what this is all about: and also the FB page link:

I am On the Hook

6.  Check in with us on the On the Hook™ Movement Group Facebook page, let us know how you’re doing, your wins, your challenges and let us help you hold yourself accountable and cheer you on as you easily and joyfully keep yourself #onthehook and complete your goal by the end of 2014 or sooner!

You are ON THE HOOK!

Let’s do this!