Who’s Sitting at the Head of Your Table?


STEP 1:  Who’s sitting at the head of your table?

We each have many different parts inside of us including fear, the judge, the martyr, love, confidence, and more.  If you think about all of those parts as little kids sitting around a giant dining room table, the question to ask before you go on a date, an interview or even begin the process of writing down your goals is, “Who is sitting at the the head of your table?”  Or said another way, “Who is running your show?”  If the drill sergeant in you is creating the goals, it’s likely they will be unattainable and set you up to fail.  If fear is heading into the meeting, you may not be able to express yourself…  Watch The Video


How to Stop Comparing & Despairing

In the land of social media, peer pressure and self-judgment is ever present.  When you compare your life, your relationships, your career, your success to everyone else's it's understandable how that can lead to despair. The problem is that if you focus on everyone else, then you are withholding your talent, your...  Watch The Video

How To Get Out Of Your Own Way

2 minutes + 1 question = Total...  Watch The Video

Permission to Dream

The thing that's astounding to me is just how many people do not give themselves permission to dream. The rat race, trying to stay afloat, and moving through life on auto-pilot has taken over a large part of our society. People feel like they don't have the option to get off the train they're currently on to head in a...  Watch The Video