How to Stop Comparing & Despairing

In the land of social media, peer pressure and self-judgment is ever present.  When you compare your life, your relationships, your career, your success to everyone else’s it’s understandable how that can lead to despair.

The problem is that if you focus on everyone else, then you are withholding your talent, your product, your book, your love – whatever it is – from the rest of us and that is the real detriment.

It’s imperative that you catch yourself when you are comparing and despairing and turn it around.  We need you to show up and share your gifts.  Shutting down and tuning out is not an option.  You are too valuable.  In the comments below, please share what you have been hiding and what you are ready and willing to bring to life as you let go of comparing and despairing.

You are enough!

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