Corporate + Executive Coaching

As a former TV and film executive turned certified life and executive coach, I bring a unique perspective and understanding to the work I do with clients in the entertainment industry as well as the broader, corporate landscape.

The coaching, tools and techniques I provide help executives and employees to:

  • Shift and/or expand their current mindset
  • Connect with their specific and unique “WHY”
  • Access creative solutions and contribute more
  • Become energized, curious and productive
  • Experience a higher level of morale
  • Strengthen teams

As a result, goals are achieved, cultures thrive, and the company’s bottom line increases.

Corporate Offerings

I offer several options to do this work, including large and small group trainings that incorporate experiential learning, as well as executive and group coaching. Each of these services can be custom designed to meet the specific needs of your teams, departments, executives, and company in general.

CORPORATE TRAINING OPTIONS: (Size of group may vary)

  • Option I: 2-hour Training
  • Option II: Half-Day Training
  • Option III: Full-Day Immersion

(Pricing varies depending on scope)

  • 6-Month Engagement
  • 9-Month Engagement
  • 1-Year Engagement


  • Topic 1: How to Dig Deeper to Go Further (…in Career, Leadership, Results)
  • Topic 2: How to Create Solutions Through Curiosity
  • Topic 3: How to Know Your Value and Apply your WHY
  • Topic 4: 
How to Turn Competition into Connection
  • Topic 5:  The Importance of Shifting from “Me” to “We”

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